Von Vargas | Music Producer, Songwriter, Composer, Hip Hop Artist

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Von Vargas is a multi-faceted music creator. He is a Hip Hop artist, multi-genre music producer, songwriter, musician, and DJ. Von is currently preparing to release a groundbreaking body of work in the Summer of 2020, titled “Dinner Coat Dope,” a full-length a cappella album, extending the boundaries of what has become commonplace in Hip Hop. 

In 2019, Von was chosen as a Creative Crossroads Music Producer for Motor House Theater in Baltimore, Maryland. The “So Stereo A&R Affiliate” is a two-time Baker Artist Awards Finalist and has been featured on many national and international media outlets for music. Von is also responsible for Music Marketing and Hip-Hop advertisements, as well as, Campaigns for CBS Sports, United Healthcare, American Cancer Society, Changes Enterprises/Dickies Workwear, and HBO/Vice TV. His music has been aired on numerous Radio One Stations, ESPN, HGTV, and BET. He shares a Stellar Award Nomination and in 2012 was rated with one one of the top albums of the year in the City Paper. 

As a constant student of music in the ever-evolving music industry, Von recently completed Timbaland’s Masterclass for Producers, as well as, Ryan Leslie’s Masterclass for Business and he is currently enrolled in a course for Music Business through NYU/Tisch-Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. 

The Maryland native serves as President of Washington DC Chapter of The Recording Academy®, which is known for the Grammy Awards and Vice President of the Baltimore City College Alumni Association, Inc. He’s also the co-owner of Creative Development Studios, which allows him to maximize his musical talents while serving corporate and community clients, as well as, students of the Maryland Public Schools Systems.

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