Sharon Fendrich | Award Winning Composer, Vocalist, pianist

Composer Sharon Fendrich says she writes vividly thematic music. This might be one of the greatest understatements ever by a composer when describing their own music. Fendrich’s music defies easy categorization, and speaks confidently in a free-flowing, truly distinctive musical vocabulary. Her latest album, Sapphire Oak, is a revelation. Her music transports the listener with richly-orchestrated adventures that feel familiar and also take them to unexpected places. And just wait until you hear Sharon sing! 

Sharon was born and raised in Oregon. When you hear her music, you immediately feel the powerful influence of the gorgeous landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. A graduate of Tufts University, she established herself as a multifaceted artist with her award-winning debut 2019 album, Red Sky Prairie. This new release is confident, with new musical subtleties and complex orchestral textures that showcase her trademark thematic gifts. 

Sharon's process of composition is to improvise on a musical idea at the piano until it begins to take a shape under her hands. Like a master ceramist, Fendrich uses her keen instincts to manipulate the clay—the melodies, harmonies and countermelodies inhabiting her work—before committing it to the “kiln” (i.e.: recording) that delivers the song into the world. Like many of the great classical composers of the past, she sees no difference between improvisation and formal composition, and the result is music that is at once unconventional yet relatable. There is a freshness and authenticity to her work which distinguishes Fendrich as a unique musical voice.